Birkin vs. Kelly: Choose the right Hermès

When it comes to choosing an Hermès Birkin vs. Kelly, what type are you? What do you like better? Which one best describes you?

We tend to lump people into distinct classifications. Whether it’s liberal or conservative, downtown or uptown, Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie, these categorizations are a relatively clear way to distinguish personality types and show outsiders one’s Modus Operandi. In regards to Hermès, shoppers either fall under team Birkin or team Kelly.

The Hermès Birkin vs. Kelly standoff has been a heated topic in the Hermès fans community, but let us begin by saying that neither one is better than the other. Both are equally luxurious status symbols. It really boils down preference, function and one’s general vibe. Although the two have a similar trapezoidal shape, the details of their history differs, as well as few key aesthetic details. Each imparts a distinct flair, owning to the notable woman they are named after.

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which team you’re on.