Our History

Labour of love!

Hermès bags are a labour of love. “The Hermès Bag is the best example of a heritage piece as it contains an emotional value, and this is why it is so loved.


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Est. 2011

How we work

When buying a brand new Hermès style, it’s best to reach out directly to boutiques or reputable buyers like our online store, who will assist your search.
Be patient – you might wait months or years for the right style to become available.
Demand for both styles outstrips supply, meaning that stock varies from store to store. Boutiques have their own style offering, with infrequent deliveries and little notice as to which colourways or finishes will be available to purchase at any given moment.
For this reason, customers who want a brand new bag should enquire us.
We have preferential channels and we can shorten the wait.
Seek advice from our Hermès sales experts.
We’ll be more than happy to guide you and assist you in your purchase.
We also offer a lifetime warranty for any repair, spa, restoration, etc.
Make your dream come true!
Enquiry for a quotation on your desired iconic Hermès. 
Our Future

Growing Fast

We are planning to open a new branch in Doha (Qatar) within the end of the next year.



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