Special Orders (HSS)

Special Orders

A Special Order is an order for a bag where the customer is allowed to select certain options and the bag is made specifically for that customer based on their chosen specifications.

Hermès Special Order is a customized bag you can order with all the options available particularly for the current season and the bag is exceptionally made for you only.

The Special Order has the “Horseshoe” Stamp and this feature gives the name to the bag, the HSS Bag (Horseshoe Stamp).

Not anybody walking to the boutique can get a special order, you need to have some requisite in order to be eligible to a HSS bag.

First of all, you need to have a long spending history with  Hermès. This is a “conditio sine qua non”  Hermès will not accept you as a HSS customer.
On top of that you need to show that you are a loyal customer or you simply have an amazing relationship with your boutique Sale Assistant.

These are the reasons which make extremely difficult to have a HSS Bag directly from  Hermès.
You can special order the Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags because compared to other bags they are much harder to get.

Hermès decides the selection of style, leather and hardware combo you can make for your special orders.
You can’t just say “I want this leather or hardware for my bag” which may not be available for you in that season.
You have to follow Hermes requirements.

How can Luxury Addicted get special orders from  Hermès?

1) First of all, we have a long purchase history with  Hermès and our relationship with the house is strong and trustable.

2) We place the Special Order under our name and we check and supervise the whole process.

3) The process will take approximately from 4 to 6 months to be completed.


Are you ready for your first Special order?